Parker Donham

Parker Donham is senior partner in Kempt Head Communications, a Nova Scotia company specializing in communications services and risk communications for public figures, corporations, and public agencies.

Kempt Head Communications also sponsors the Cape Breton Island Film Series, which brings 30 top outstanding independent films a year to Sydney, Cape Breton.  

Kempt Head Communications has provided communications services for the Nova Scotia Department of Energy's Renewed Energy Strategy and Climate Change Action Plan, the rural high speed Internet initiative of Seaside Communications, the reconstruction of the Seal Island Bridge (including the Highway Info Line´┐Ż), and the cleanup of the Sydney Tar Ponds, Canada's most ambitious environmental cleanup.

Before turning to communications consulting, Parker Donham worked for 30 years as one of Canada's best known independent journalists. He wrote columns for the Halifax Daily News and many other newspapers. For several years in the 1980s, he was a staff writer for Reader's Digest.

For 15 years, Donham's spirited weekly debates with Harry Flemming on the CBC Television's First Edition were among CBC Nova Scotia's most popular programs. Donham was also a longtime contributor to Peter Gzowski's Morningside.

Donham won two National Magazine Awards and more Atlantic Journalism Awards than the entire province of Prince Edward Island. His work for the Halifax Daily News won the Governor General Roland Michener Award for Meritorious Public Service in Journalism. On two other occasions, his work was shortlisted for that award.

An Unshackled Internet is a talk Donham gave on Internet censorship at the University of Waterloo.

Parker is a 20-year member of the Ross Ferry Volunteer Fire Department, Ross Ferry, Cape Breton.

The Winterton Boat Building Museum, Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, celebrates the town's tradition of building fine boats, including one Parker Donham helped build.

Parker Donham
8190 Kempt Head Road
Kempt Head, NS  B1X 1R8

Email: parker [at]
Phone: 902-565-5555